Can I sign up with a group? Absolutely. Choose your volunteer shift time and then click on the option, "sign up with a team," where you can include the names, emails, and ages of the team members. Do not include the names and emails of minors. 

Is there an age requirement for volunteers? Volunteers will need to be at least age 10 to volunteer in our warehouse with an accompanying adult and age 16 with an accompanying adult to volunteer with housing cleanup.

How do I sign them up with me? When you choose your shift time, please click the option, "sign up with a team," and include the names only of the minors in your group. 

Do you have any information on housing for volunteers coming from out of town? At this time we are unable to provide any specific information on housing, but we are suggesting that volunteers check with airbnb.com and local hotels as many have discounts for volunteers. 

How long will you be needing volunteers? We are unable to provide a specific timeline for the needs and timelines of the recovery efforts, but we do know that this will be a long term process and will desperately need help for months to come. 

What do I need to bring/wear? 
This will differ depending on which volunteer opportunity you choose. However, please keep the weather in mind when determining your clothing as many, if not all, volunteer locations are either outdoors or do not have heat. Lunch and water is not provided, so please bring any food and drink you will need during your shift time. If you are planning to volunteer with housing & debris cleanup, please wear boots and bring gloves. For more specific information, see the volunteer opportunity.

Still have questions? No problem. Just reach out to us at info@volunteeretn.org.